How to download Fortnite For Android Phones (Fortnite Mobile)

Finally download Fortnight for the original Android update Haloin + add zombie in the process of the Batel Royal !!

Finally, after the length of the distribution of the event Fortnightmares new update Fortnight on all platforms and even on the platform Android and connect the volume of talk to 1 GB,

 Now all mobile users, including Android and ios, can download the new update from Fortnightmares.
 This update includes many changes to the game interface level and lists also as a Friends list.

   The new zombie has been added to the Batel Royale to include all the solo, dou and squad models, which have been linked to the new game story after the Lucky Lake plane was destroyed.

  When you download this update you will find there are 4 free parts to the challenges of updating the Halloween that will allow you to win several awards including a very wonderful new Clyder. To download the game go directly from here: Epicgames

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